About Newspaces

The earth is the cradle of humankind, but one cannot live in a cradle forever!

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky


The New Spaces for Living or just Newspaces, is dedicated to the quest for expanding the boundaries of human habitat and exploring the unconventional ways of human dwelling. There can be various motivations behind such a quest, most apparent being the prevention the anticipated global resource crisis. At Newspaces we do not like the ideas of dramatically reducing the resource consumption at the expense of technological progress or by enforcing limits on fertility. Such methods are against the human nature and thus counterproductive and fundamentally flawed. We believe that only further research and technological advancement can facilitate a sustainable solution to global problems we are facing or just anticipating today. Therefore, the goal of Newspaces is to promote the achievements of science and technology that would allow the mankind start populating entirely new spaces, such as the Ocean or Space.

Why do we like this idea? Because it matches our curiosity and explorer's spirit so well. If this is not enough, here are more reasons:

  • The world is becoming too uniform. We would like to see more political and cultural diversity, and this can become possible through establishing independent communities following their own principles.
  • Because the mankind will need more space and more resources one day, and we also need to leave  reservations for other species sharing the Earth with us!
  • Because bold goals unleash creativity and motivate thechnological progress.

Our big hope is to bring together an international community of people sharing our interest and willling to share their thoughts. Nobody can say what the world will look like in 50 or even in 20 years, and if any dramatic changes are going to happen. Will the Earth become a post-nuclear desert or a flowering garden, or just remains more or less the same but with robots all over the place? In Newspaces, we do not pretend to be knowing the future. What we do, is unleash the fantasy and engage in brainstorming and collecting creative ideas. Therefore, if you want to share your thoughts with our readers, please do not hesitate and submit an article or just a short comment! No idea is banned as long as it is related to our theme of unusual living concepts (yes, underground cities and Mars stations included!) and technologies required for implementing them.

To contribute, please register and add an article, or send it to info@newspaces.org. (Note that at any rate we will have to premoderate your contribution for the sake of spam prevention.) Well elaborated and illustrated articles will be promoted and cherished, as well as their authors: feel free to submit your personal profile or that of your company along with your article and we will be happy to publish it here.

Team Newspases is glad to inform all our friends. We have founded a new non-profit charitable organization named Neue Räume für Menschheit (New Spaces for Mankind) to popularise the idea of human expansion into new spaces and environments and to make this idea a reality!

We live in wonderful time — in the "future that has already come". Let us share with each other our knowledge and thoughts about the present and the past, to prepare ourselves for the coming changes with understanding and hopes for the better!