Blueseed: Startup Incubator Aboard a Ship

A startup ship in California will host a bunch of emerging high-tech enterprises. A small town in the ocean, the vessel named Blueseed is meant to foster the talents for Silicon Valley.

The author of the project, Max Marty, thinks that the complications connected with obtaining the US work permit and further legislation issues are currently frightening many talented people away from grounding their startup in the US. To help them, a new startup incubator will be opened in the international waters, 22 kilometers away from the Californian coast, and still close to San-Francisco and Silicon Valley.   

Successful Blueseed residents will create new technologies, resulting in new working places and giving momentum to economics – this is the main idea behind the project. The flag state of the vessel will be one of the countries using the Anglo-American common law system (for instance, it can be Bahamas or Marshall Islands). For grounders, the vessel in international waters will help to avoid a large part of the legal burden.

Blueseed will host about one thousand passangers, the crew, and the technical staff. The startup grounders will be offered dorms for 1 to 4 people each, and an office space with the capabilities of flexible planning..

The mainland will be accessible via ferries, fast cutters and via helicopter. Obviously, also the high-speed Internet access will be important for Blueseed inhabitants. The designers consider the means of communication like underwater cable, laser communication, buoys retranslating the with signal, or satellite channels. For increased reliability, several types of channels will be supported.

So far, the experts at Blueseed are considering several designs (presented in the figures here, courtesy of The design code names are “The Terraces”, “The Hive”, “The Containers”, and “Two Towers”. The former variant looks as one of the simplest: two rectangular decks with multiple ledges.  “The Hive” features above-water constructions resembling honeycomb. „Containers“ are built up of seemingly chaotic system of blocks, while the “towers” represent the most futuristic-looking design with multistoried glass blocks at both ends of the vessel.  The common feature of all designs is multilevel terraces, all sorts of “woven gardens” and helicopter pads, as well as a number of moorages.

The main challenge of the project is not of technical nature, however: Blueseed is one of the unique places on Earth fostering a unique creative atmosphere for work, free of bureaucratic chores, for every talented entrepreneur.