Flying Palace — Strato Cruiser

The authors of this unusual project conceive a luxurious life aboard a gigantic zeppelin named Strato Cruiser. This is the brainchild of British designers Tino Schaedler and Michael J. Brown. They believe that a helium-filled airship can carry a restaurant with a separate kitchen, a spa, a swimming pool, luxury suites and a host of other amenities. Such an airship can serve a flying home or an office for uber-rich, tired of marine yachts. Or, it could be a flying hotel, a club, or an exotic vacation destination.

The shape of Strato Cruiser is both unusual and magnificent, reminiscent of sci-fi movies. Its main jewel is a large shaft in the center of the enclosing capsule that goes through from top to bottom of the construction. It provides the inside parts of the airship with light and allows residents to watch both donward on the Earth and upwards at the sky.

This cabin aisleway (shaft) serves as a means of communicating several decks and enclosed spaces of air ship. This space isn´t usual staircase between the top floor of the flying palace (promenade deck with lounge for sunbathing and swimming pool) and the restaurant at the bottom. There is still designed for artificial rock climbing! Moreover in case the weather should be folded transparent polycarbonate roof over the promenade deck and swimming pool. A dance club, office and library are designed on board too.

Notations in the figure
1. Rigid Airship Frame with Helium Chambers,  2. Photovoltaic Cell Network,  3. Retractable Polycarbonate Roof,  4. Terraced Deck with Lap pool,  5. Sky View Lounge,  6. Main Atrium with Climbing Wall,  7. Earth View Restaurant & Bar,  8. Spa Treatment & Library,  9. Private Suites,  9. Private Suites,  10. Kitchen & Staff Rooms,  11. Captain´s Bridge,  12. Gantryway,  13. Propulsion,  14. Bungee Jumping Platform

The authors of the aircraft did not report his exact specifications. The authors of concept suggest to make the enclosing capsule of the vessel from a carbon fiber composite. To provide electricity for airship are the solar plant located on vehicle top. However, this is only a concept.

One can only guess about the possible cost of such a air-mega-yachts. But one thing is certain, that modern technology makes it possible to build it entirely, there would be customers.

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