Unusual things often happen in unusual places. In Silicon Valley, for instance. Here, a group of eccentric IT professionals and millionaires decided to ground an independent state in international waters.

The project was called The Seasteading Institute – TSI. Its goal is to create in the World Ocean «experimental socio systems with well-developed social, political and judicial systems», on a solid technological foundation. The concept of possible human future has been authored by two people, Patri Friedman and Wayne Gramlich.


Their idea was to construct large floating platforms, being essentially the giant tubes of reinforced concrete, with a controlled ballast compartment underneath. This compartment can be filled with water or with air, thus controlling the platform’s position above sea level.

The platform is designed to provide each of its inhabitants with 28 square meters of living space in a common “communal” room, which will be situated inside the central tube. On top of the platform, the facilities like an office space, gardens, solar batteries, wind turbines and, of course, satellite antennas for the Internet access.

A prototype of the “society of the future” is planned to be built based on the floating oil platform spar. Its surface part has extremely low windage. "You have very little cross-sectional interaction with waves [with] the spar design," Gramlich says.

The authors anticipate that the actual load carried by the platform will depend on the business model that will support it: they conceive a range of potential applications varying from aquafarming to tourism.

"We're not trying to pick the one strategy because we think there will be multiple people who want one for multiple reasons," Gramlich said.